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e·volve (verb)

Evolve, a verb, something that we DO. An action that we choose to take. Everyday we are presented with opportunities to know better, do better, and be better.

Sometimes we take a certain action even though we "know better", but we are aware of it, that's the first step. Occasionally we go a step further and decide to start "doing better". We make different choices, usually healthier ones. It feels good. Ultimately, we are strive to be better. To know ourselves more, serve others better, and for most of us: simply be happier humans.

Evolve is a word that resonates with me. I feel it. I believe that now more than ever we are all becoming more dynamic beings. We are doing this by being in a constant search of answers. From wondering who we are, to what our purpose is, and what we are meant to contribute to society. You see yourself and others searching for these answers all the time: we are traveling non-stop, changing jobs, reading self-help books...anything to get in touch with these answers we yearn for. These answers and the journey to them is what makes us evolve. It is what makes us live differently, it is what changes generations.

That is why I came up with the name Digital Evolution. It is no secret we are in a digital era. There are pros and there are cons, but regardless we are engulfed in it. I usually chose to focus on the positive, so that is why I believe the biggest benefit to "digital" is our "evolution". The digital era has provided us with access to anything we want to learn. Are you interested in meditating? Heres 2 million YouTube videos, 4 thousand Instagram accounts to follow, and a few apps to help you along the way. Because of this availability, we can learn from each other, we can grow, and we can be connected.

I started the Digital Evolution because I believe in all of these things, want to share what I am learning along my journey, and help businesses who are looking to grow and gain awareness through digital outlets. If you are interested in my posts, stay tuned, if you are interested in working together, contact me, and if you are not interested in either, thanks for listening to me rant 🤷🏻‍♀️

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