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Who am I?

Who am I? A year ago this was the biggest question on my heart as I was attending a Deepak Chopra meditation retreat. I was in a place of uncertainty, I felt like I needed answers and needed to figure out my purpose.

Well, I thought I was looking for answers - a solution to my life. But what I experienced instead was the incredible feelings of peace, acceptance, AND excitement in uncertainty. Deepak’s quote “Accept uncertainty and step into the field of infinite possibilities” S H O O K me to my core at this retreat. I never thought I could be okay with NOT knowing. I tried to think my way through every situation in life. And where did it lead me? Calculated, relatively successful, stressed out, oh, AND super unfulfilled and disconnected from myself. I never chose my heart or my highest truth and so I held onto lots of pain. Once I was able to connect to myself in silence, without any worldly distractions, I was able to realize that the “not knowing” parts of life are what we LIVE FOR. They are the things that change the world. They are the stories that create our legacy. Why? Because we can’t possibly “think” of just how wonderful life could be. Sure, our minds could think of some great things but that would restrict us from the wonder of the infinite possibilities the universe could have for us. Our minds wouldn’t ask for the pain. We wouldn’t ask for someone to leave us. We wouldn’t ask to be uncomfortable. And so we would never reach our fullest potential.

Now, I don’t always search for answers. In fact, I ask myself a lot more questions and I let the answers surface and change freely.

All in all, if you read all of this I’m not trying to sell you to go to a Deepak Chopra retreat (I’d recommend it of course but it’s not like I’m getting commission over here😉), I’m saying invest in yourself. Maybe try feeling instead of thinking once in awhile. Stop trying to figure out your whole life today. I think I’ve heard it best as - heal yourself and you’ll heal the world. We are all a work in progress.

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