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Things to do whilst “chilling” AKA #socialdistancing

» Exercise, I suggest a yoga class on YouTube (yay for endorphins)🧘🏻‍♀️

» Meditate OR learn more about meditating (there are free guided mediations on YouTube or insight timer) 🧘‍♂️

» Make a summer time bucket list ☀️

» FaceTime a friend 👫

» Call a relative 📲

» Write / journal (if you need prompts, message me, I have a whole book of them)📔

» Do a puzzle 🧩

» Take a nap (our physical bodies could use extra rest now)

» Read a book (you know...the one you’ve been putting off)📚

» Get ahead on a work project ✅

» Do a hair or face mask (boys are included in this one😜)

» CLEAN (do this one regardless😉)

» Organize your closet (we could all get rid of things)

The list could go on. Notice I didn’t even include binging your favorite shows and movies. So if there is so much to do, why is it so hard to just BE? Is it the thought of missing out on life? I promise the things in this list will IMPROVE your life and you probably don’t make enough time for them usually. Is it being alone? If this triggers fear for you, I’d scratch the list and start here. Use this time to get more comfortable with YOU. Your heart, your soul, your fears. Connect with yourself to connect with others. Once you do this you might start to understand why we are taking precautions in the first place...the love of ourselves...which is the love of others...

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